Chicharito’s first moments on the Bernabeu pitch as a Real Madrid player | 01-09-14

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“I have strong opinions but I can’t always say what I think. Otherwise it would be on the front page and I don’t want that, but if it was up to me, I wouldn’t have done so, but if the president thinks the best thing for the team is to sign players and let others leave, we must respect and support the decision. (…) with new players the style will change and it may change for better or worse. I hope it’s for the better since the players are of a very good standard. The normal thing is that they’ll adapt well. Di Maria and Xabi were very important to us but they’re gone and we should be happy with the new players. I’m sure we’ll be fine.” (x) (x)

"We all have our own opinions and that’s fine, I’m not going to start judging Cristiano’s words or any player’s. We belong to a club and we must abide by the rules of that club. I’ll keep my opinions to myself, now is not the time to draw conclusions" - Ramos on what Ronaldo has said. 

Anonymous asked: "What was it that Neurer did to Sergio in 11/12?"


After both semis in 11/12 & et we were tied at the Bernabeu and during penalty kicks Sergio stepped up & missed pretty spectacularly, which he’d go on to being made fun of about for AGES (I think it only stopped like……super recently), and he really, REALLY took it to heart. After the match, pretty much the first thing Neuer did after gloating is publicly say “I didn’t know Sergio Ramos enjoys losing UCL semifinals for his team”, not verbatim but that’s the gist of it. Then after Bayern lost the final, Sergio tweeted, “I didn’t know Neuer enjoys losing finals. Better luck next year. Always stay humble.”


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