Iker and Sergio after the game against Atlético Madrid 24.05.14

Deportivo La Coruna 2 v 8 Real Madrid

A minute of silence in the memory of former player Fernando Zunzunegui who passed away recently” | 13.09.2014

Ronaldo and James responds to the rumors. | 16.09.2014 (x)


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I kinda just wanted to thank everyone who has followed me over the year and a half I’ve had this blog. Its been real, bruh. Through this blog i’ve made some seriously awesome friendships and met so many unique and enthusiastic footie fans. I don’t know how i would have made it through transfer windows or crappy seasons without you all going through it with me! I just wanted to seriously thank you and hope that you all will be here next season too! Just know i’m always here to talk about your football feels or you can snapchat me, I don’t mind♥ I love you all so much! thanks.

So… three people who put up with my crap on a regular basis who deserve so much happiness are raulgonzalezblanco7 rafikivarane and ladethima  yeah i love you girls.

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if you actually read the paragraph you deserve a cookie♥

Deportivo La Coruna 2-8 Real Madrid | 20.09.2014
C. Ronaldo 29’
J. Rodriguez 36’
C. Ronaldo 41’
G. Bale 66’
G. Bale 74’
C. Ronaldo 78’
J. Hernandez 88’
J. Hernandez 92’

James’ goal vs. Deportivo de La Coruña | 20.09.2014

Ronaldo’s first goal vs Deportivo| 20.09.2014

Ronaldo’s second goal vs Deportivo | 20.09.2014